Meet The Parkland Smiles Team

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The Parkland Smiles team includes dental hygienists, dental assistants and administration who support our Halifax dentists.

Welcoming You to Our Family

Parkland Smiles is home to a dedicated team of dental professionals who are here for your oral health. Our dentists, hygienists and assistants are committed to each one of our patients and look forward to seeing your smile. If you live in Halifax and are looking for a new family dentist, we welcome you to join us today.

Dr. Ali Rabahi, Halifax Dentist

Dr. Ali Rabahi

Cheryl Covey, Halifax Dental Hygienist

Cheryl Covey
Dental Hygienist

Michella Young, Halifax Dental Hygienist

Michella Young
Dental Hygienist

Colleen Butler, Dental Assistant, Halifax Dentist

Colleen Butler
Dental Assistant

Zoey Phillips, Dental Assistant, Halifax Dentist

Zoey Phillips
Dental Assistant

Lisa-Jane Turnbull, Area Manager, Halifax Dentist

Lisa-Jane Turnbull
Area Manager

Charlotte Laskey, Administration, Halifax Dentist

Charlotte Laskey

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